WHO, India
A 360 degree integrated multi-media social marketing and behavior change communications campaign was designed, created, produced and implemented by THOT™ on the issue of Drunk-Driving, for WHO, India. Piloted in Jalandhar, Punjab and Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, from June 2011 to December 2011, this 6 months long assignment involved formative research, strategy, designing a social marketing communications and creative package, media planning including both Mass Media (Television, Radio, Outdoors & Print) as well as implementation of Below the Line /Interpersonal Communication (IPC) activities, Workshops, PR, Events, Advocacy for the issue with the local governments, media, trauma centers, and forming Partnerships with local NGOs, institutes, institutions, etc for sustainability. Monitoring & Evaluation plus Scale-Up Recommendations were also part of our mandate. THOT™ used state-of-the art technology for the creative production and delivered about 25% value add on the extremely tight budget. This is part of the UN Road safety project RS-10 for a decade and is likely to continue till 2020.
 JHUCCP, India
Johns Hopkins Centre for Communication Program (JHUCCP), advising NACO, contracted THOT™ to identify and then address one of the key BCC hooks that would encourage increasing access of the services provided by ICTCs for HIV-AIDS. Using its experience and understanding in behavioural sciences, THOT™ identified the key hook and made a TV film around the same. This was then also translated into Marathi and shared with the Maharashtra AIDS Control Society and Avert Society for telecast in Maharashtra.
 NACO, India
THOT™ has consulted to NACO on many issues regarding BCC. Our consultant worked on creative content development for the Red Ribbon Express and she is also a consultant on the panel of experts advising NACO on various BCC programs like theatre, radio programs and others. THOT™ has also conducted a media-planning workshop for NACO IEC officials.
 UNICEF, India
In content designing, our consultant has also worked on a team of creative content managers for UNICEF’s multi-issue national television program. The project was titled ‘Project Smita’ and was engaged in designing the program for a national television program.
 Constella Futures Group
THOT™ has also conceptualized, scripted, and produced TV spots on Institutional Delivery for the Department of Health, Government of Jharkhand, via Constella Futures Group as part of the Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY), in 2008.