UNODC, India
THOT™ performed an intervention appraisal and recommendations for a UNODC program with high-risk group of street children vulnerable to substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. We also provided strategic ideation for translation of the findings across various creative media interpersonal tools, games or graphic novels for children and program evaluators.

THOT™ has also performed an Intervention appraisal of good practices in 6 project sites across 5 States of India - Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, on a UNODC funded project for prevention of trafficking of women-children and victim support. The detailed appraisal report with recommendations for advocacy can be seen at

Our Consultant has organized 2 events – Punjab report launch & EU consult on irregular migration for UNODC, India

  ILO, India
THOT™ has worked with the INDUS Project of the International Labour Organization (ILO), where it conceptualized and conducted Communication Training workshops for capacity building of district level community workers and sensitization of employers with respect to the elimination of child labour practices in the high prevalence districts of Madhya Pradesh State, India. INDUS was a US Department of Labour, ILO and Ministry of Labour, Govt. Of India funded project, that was scaled up all over India.