THOT™ consulted to UNFPA on issues of female feticide periodically over a number of years, to bring about involvement of doctors in preventing female feticide. We have been pitch consultants on design and implementation of communication strategy and material for the ‘Doctors for Daughters’ campaign by the UNFPA and the IMA, a Direct Marketing campaign that aimed to sensitize and mobilize the medical community against sex selection in India.

 CARE, India
THOT™ developed an integrated organizational communication strategy for CARE to enable it to effectively and credibly create a brand that stands for women’s empowerment. Seen as an implementation agency in its domain and perceived as an anti-poverty, livelihood and health and nutrition agency, CARE engaged THOT™ to prepare a strategy and plan for its establishment as a women’s empowerment organisation. The Strategy document detailed the identification of key audiences, messages & advocacy issues besides plans for designing of mass media campaign tools, recommendations for future annual properties/causes, plans for launch of mass media & internal campaign, plans for initiating advocacy strategies with key Ministries and donors.

 PSI, India
We have provided strategic counsel to PSI, India on topics like Zinc-ORS, Misoprostol and RSBY Public Health Insurance, Sanitation, Child Survival and Long-term Strategic Planning. THOT™ inputs have included performing need-assessment appraisals, current positioning, stakeholder analysis, and strategic planning for future engagement and implementation on the above mentioned issues.